XIV Issues & Fixes

One of the areas I’ve found frustrating about working with IBM is the lack of any way to track down technical issues and fixes – even to work out what issues have been resolved and what haven’t tends to involve a bit of detective work.

Almost every gathering of XIV-focused professionals I’ve been to, whether customers, business partners or IBM themselves, invariably has a point in time where the subject turns to discovered issues.  And every time, I hear the same issues being discussed, usually all known issues which were resolved in the last firmware iteration but one, and each time voices from all around say.

“I’d never heard of that one”

Contrast this with other vendors, where there is at least an attempt to keep up to date with known and resolved issues – any time I need to know why a Clariion is acting weird, I can go onto Powerlink and chances are, the issue and a fix or workaround will be documented in their internal knowledgebase.  Coming from an airline background, where every change to the diameter of a rivet is documented, stamped and approved, I find the mere existence of a central change log weirdly comforting, so this adhoc approach is seriously beginning to bend my head.

I’ve asked questions on this subject at several IBM Q&A sessions – each time I get told that it’s a “good idea” and “someone will look into it”.

(So why do I get the feeling that the chap “looking into it” rides a flying pig to work each day?)

So anyway, all of this is leading up to the reason for a new tab in the top right corner of the front page.  Titled “XIV Issues & Fixes”, it’s my stab at an unofficial issue log until IBM get their collective finger out.  At the very least I’ll be posting my own experiences and findings in the table, but consider this an open invitation:  if you’re an XIV user and/or business partner (or even IBM if they’ll let you) feel free to contribute to the list.

I’m not interested in anything under NDA, competitor FUD or maybes and might be’s, but if you’ve come across a solid issue, workaround, undocumented process or best practice, let me know and I’ll write it up (and make sure you get full credit 🙂 ).  The list is in text-only form at the moment, but when I get time I’m planning to add links to PDF documents with the full text, so be as detailed as you feel necessary.

By doing so, you’ll not only be helping others, you’ll be helping keep the alarm bells in my head to a reasonable minimum 🙂

Many Thanks in advance

The Gorilla.


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