XIV Issues & Fixes





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 XIV001  AIX HAK Default Settings Issue:-
 By default, the Host Attachment Kits for AIX default to “failover”.  Setting this to “Round Robin” for performance limits Queue Depth to “1”.  This further limits XIV performance.
 Resolved – AIX 6.1 and above can be set to Round Robin and variable Queue Depth – greater then “20” is advised.
Workaround defined by users for pre-6.1 AIX versions (see link)
 XIV002  AIX Hosts will not directly attach to XIV array:-
 When attaching AIX, P-series Host to XIV, a common issue is the failure of WWNs to show up on the XIV GUI – without this, no host-storage connection is possible.
 Resolved – IBM have removed all support for direct-attached hosts, best practice is now SAN-attached in all instances. 
(Not much of a resolution, but now you know).
 XIV003  Loss of 2 x XIV FC Interface Ports:-
 As the 4 ports per interface module are implemented using 2 x Dual-port HBAs in the rear of each module, failure of an HBA will cause 2 of the 4 ports to fail – this will be grouped as either ports 1&2, or 3&4.
 Resolved – IBM best practice now  recommends using ports 1&3 for host attachment, and 2&4 for replication.  This limits the possibility of failure where only two host ports are used per module.  

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  2. mikeanders Says:

    IBM Sonas VS DDN?

  3. storagegorilla Says:

    Hey Mike

    I’m more interested in Isilon vs DDN – more soon 🙂


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